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Sony Minidisc Hi-MD MZ-RH1

25 Apr

The Sony MZ-RH1 minidisc Hi-MD player

A new generation of Minidisc

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Swissbit USB keys

4 Oct

The Swissbit Victorinox swiss knife usb key

Small and light or in a Swiss knife

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Lets Chat Skype phone

4 Sep

Lets Chat Skype phone

Invest in the Skype experience at a low price

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The Mac mini

3 Feb

The Mac mini

Get into the world of Mac – low cost – no risk and it will look great in your living room

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Noisebuster Headphones

17 Jan

Noisebuster headphones

Forget paying big money – now tension free travelling with great sound becomes affordable

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Gaggia Carezza Espresso

20 Mar

The Gaggia Carezza Espresso machine

OK, so it’s not really ‘tech’ but it’s a gadget and it’s essential

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Sony Hi-MD minidisc format

18 Mar

A sony Hi-MD walkman

Musicians, radio journalists and the general public will love Hi-MD

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