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Cameron Crowe

13 May

A picture of Cameron Crowe - auteur and director of Elizabethtown

A restropective of one of our favourites

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Star Wars: the original

12 May

Han shoots first

Pure nostalgia: the original theatrical release

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Ce Jour La

20 Apr

Poster for the film Ce Jour La

A gently sweet killing frenzy

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24 Hour Party People

12 Sep

Poster for the film 24 hour party people

Manchester, the city, stars in a tale of music, drugs and a local TV presenter

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Bowling for Columbine

12 Sep

Poster for the film Bowling for Columbine

Michael Moore trys to find out why Americans kill each other with guns

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Planet of the Apes

25 Aug

Picture from the film Planet of the Apes

Tim Burton remakes a blockbuster

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Bridget Jones

20 Apr

Picture from the film Bridget Jones Diary

Great cast, good fun

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