Lets Chat Skype phone

4 Sep

Lets Chat Skype phone

Invest in the Skype experience at a low price

I like the idea of Skype. Use the power of the internet to free yourself from international phone call charges. And now more and more people are getting broadband connections, the quality is often as good as you can get. But there is a downside. I feel very uncomfortable talking to friends using a headset or with speakers and a mic. I’d rather talk into a normal phone. There are plenty of solutions on the market, but they’re often complicated and often expensive. When not many of your friends are yet ‘skyped up’ a big investment seems unnecessary. So I found a wonderful little device that is exactly like a phone (as you can see in the picture) and sounds fantastic. The magic is that it just plugs into your sound card, then your speakers plug into the phone’s connector. That’s it. When the phone is down the sound goes through to the speakers as normal and when you pick it up both microphone and earpiece of the handset cut in and the speakers and usual mic cut out. Genius. It means you can hear Skype ring through the speakers but it cuts when you pick up the phone. OK, one disadvantage. If you are listening to the radio or watching a DVD on the computer as someone rings. You (and they) get that sound too, but then you can’t talk to someone and listen at the same time to something else – or maybe you can – so they can hear it too. Maybe that’s fair. Anyway. At the price, and quality of sound, this phone makes skype a pleasure rather than just a way of saving money. Find the phones at lets-chat.com at around 25 euros or thirty dollars and get skypeing at http://www.skype.com.

listen to the feature



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