The Mac mini

3 Feb

The Mac mini

Get into the world of Mac – low cost – no risk and it will look great in your living room

Everybody wants a little bit of mac – and now you can have a really little bit with the Mac mini. Of course the whole mini design fashion makes things that are instantly desirable and instantly classic – the mini car, the mini skirt and, of course, everyone’s favourite actress Mini Driver. Add to this the unfailingly good design of the Mac and you have an object that everyone will want to show their friends. It doesn’t stop with the look though. The specifications and the price label on the Mac mini actually make it a realistic prospect to dream about. Let’s suppose you’ve got a monitor, keyboard and mouse (if you haven’t just go out and borrow from friends – they will never ask for them back). You can now get macked up for under 350 quid (or below 500 in Dollars or Euro) . For that small amount you will find, stuffed inside your beautiful exterior, 1.25GHz G4 processor, 80GB of hard disk, a good quality Radeon graphics with a DVD/CD-RW combo drive. All the ports you need for your Mac-type creative endeavours are of course included on the back panel. You also have what sounds like a perfect creative/ living room operating system in the shape of the latest Mac OS with the iLife add-ins. I have always thought that Mac was a lifestyle choice that required too much investment for me – I think that Apple may have managed to push the right buttons this time and drag me over the threshold. If you have come to Mac through the mini, we would like to hear your experiences – leave your comments below.


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