Noisebuster Headphones

17 Jan

Noisebuster headphones

Forget paying big money – now tension free travelling with great sound becomes affordable

I travel a long way by plane, train, Paris metro and london bus and I have always coveted the Bose noise-cancelling headphones that you find advertised in all the best newspapers. One day, hoping to convince myself that they were not worth the very high price I checked out a couple of reviews on the web. I discovered that apart from the famous, high-marketing budget and pricey Bose, there is another choice. Friend of the traveller and lover of music and other audio entertainment (such as, for example, Radio Quality!) I present Pro-Tech Communications. This company makes noisebuster noise-cancelling headphones – review on the web find these to be as good, or even better, than other market choices at a much more attractive price. So what is my impression of thgis long-awaited cocoon of peace? Unbelievable. The quality of noise-cut – even crammed against the wing window in economy or on a Routemaster London bus – is remarkable. I must say that, without music, the so-called silence is not extremely impressive but the difference for listening to speech and music is incredible. Flicking between cancelling on and off has to be heard to be believed (indeed on the audio version of this review that is in preparation we are trying to do just that). Not only that but the sound quality and comfort of the headphones even ignoring the noise-cancelling is excellent. The design of the heaphones means they look neat when worn and fold away to fit (just) in a jacket pocket. They have comfortable over the ear fitting which causes no problems for the three hours i have worn them. They are not the most robust feeling product in the world, but neither do they give the impression that they are about to fall to pieces. If you like tech data you can find the tech sheet from the amazon link on this page or google to find the heavy duty tech reviews dotted around the web. I will be bringing you the main test soon though – you will be able to hear with your ears what I have heard – an amazing bit of technology that fulfils its aim – making life quieter and music more enjoyable.


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