Memories of the Blues – George Melly's BBC radio s

9 Mar

Picture of Alexis Korner

it makes you feel like it must have felt

The BBC has really hit the heights this time. Through the power of radio they have taken us straight back to seedy clubs during the bursting out of British Blues in the sixties (ably assisted by the great american bluesmen). George Melly stumbles through long gone cellar clubs that are now swanky restaurants and insurance companies basements and plays music from those times that sends a shiver down your spine and has you reaching for your blues harp. Never ones to shy away from acknowledging greatness in others I suggest you go to BBC blues, soul and reggae before it disappears for good. I think RQ may have to start a campaign to get this series released on CD. If you can’t be there, and of course it’s too late now, this series is the next best thing.


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