Chroniques de New York

2 Oct

Cover of the book Chroniques de New York

A frenchman takes an outside and sideways look at life in New York City

Find out why a crazy Frenchman found a Canadian comic book artist to join him in evoking a surreal world that looks strangely similar to New York. Here for you on RQ for the story of the book. And the chances of it coming eventually to you in English. Or if you can’t wait, order it from!

audio transcript

Chroniques de New York [snippet of Chroniques in French with music] You have just heard a snippet from the original radio version of a new French book about New York. Jean-Francois Jouanne wrote a series of bizarre inventions of daily life in the Big Apple inspired by his time studying there and he had it illustrated in a unique style by Julie Doucet. Titled Chroniques de New York – or Chronicles of new York – the book is published in France. I spoke to Jean-Francois about the city of his inspiration: [Interview with JF Jouanne about New York/ Inspiration and the secret job] But Chroniques de New York is not just about the words – the book is a beautiful album edition featuring drawings by Montreal based illustrator Julie Doucet whose own special style can be seen on the cover illustration. Julie also spent a year in New York which allowed her to draw with her own impressions, but what made Jean-Francois think about her as an illustrator? [Interview about Julie Doucet] And the key question for me is ‘Are we going to get Chronicles of New York in English?’ JF: Well, I guess, we are looking for a publisher. Until then, you can find Chroniques de New York on Amazon France or Amazon Canada. [Music out]


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