Planet of the Apes

25 Aug

Picture from the film Planet of the Apes

Tim Burton remakes a blockbuster

audio transcript

While I don’t care much for cinematic sci-fi history, I do care very much about Tim Burton and his curious imagination. So this film is a major disappointment. Special effects and star names don’t make up for a lack of Burton’s usual style and individuality. American cinema needs to Give Tim Burton a big budget, but not to do this!

audio transcript

Tim Burton is known for ripping up what everyone thought they knew and then painting it black. And when he does this trick, he does it with a stylishness that puts him in a different league to most directors in Hollywood today. So what went wrong? I suppose I should be pleased that someone is happy to throw money around on Burton’s new projects, but here it seems that budget and special effects have numbed the creativity. And although I don’t care for sci-fi classics, I do believe that if you’re going to do a remake then it has to be not just bang up to date, but also at least as sharp as the original. Tim Burton lacks sharpness! Something wrong here. Let’s just sweep this monkey business under the carpet and hope that the smell doesn’t linger too long. Hopefully the next production will be less hyped, more substantial and everything in the garden may tun out to be rosy. Black roses with sharp, sharp thorns.


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