Bridget Jones

20 Apr

Picture from the film Bridget Jones Diary

Great cast, good fun

audio transcript

Don’t be fooled. Far from being just for the fans of the book, this film offers itself as a fully rounded work. Like all the best British comedies it packs in belly laughs as well as more subtle humour. Jim Broadbent as Bridget’s dad has another classic understated role. And everything just seems to add up to a happy ending.

audio transcript

I could never bring myself to read the diaries of Bridget Jones despite recommendations from friends, who I thought should have known better. I spend my life working in London surrounded by secretaries, temping and tempting. I didn’t want to read something that would bring to mind more weary commuters – my imagination needs to be stretched more than that. However the film is an entirely different matter. Just look at the cast! Hugh Grant and Colin Firth, English to the marrow! Renee Zellweger, how WILL she cope? and some great little cameos, not least the wonderful Jim Broadbent. He’s such a great actor that he creates a paradox when he’s trying to utterly fail in dressing up as a vicar. The problem is that being such a good character actor he can’t manage to play someone who can’t look like a vicar the second that they put on a dogcollar. What often ruins ‘the film of the book’ is that the screen versions of the characters never match up to the image that you had in your head. There’s no worries on that score here. Even if you’re an avid fan of the original diaries, no problem. Just treat this as a jolly romp with Colin, Hugh and Renee. Forget about characters and enjoy a thoroughly well made comedy. Then wait for the video and watch it again.


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