Eva Cassidy – Songbird

19 Mar

Picture of Eva Cassidy

suddenly a great success five years after her death. Find out why – and why some of us loved her alr

[clip ‘People get ready’] At the time of writing that song is on the number one album in the charts. I don’t really follow the record charts anymore they’re rarely a guide to what’s worth listening to. So how come Eva Cassidy’s at number one? Let me tell you a story. I’ve been listening for years to a tape-copy of the ‘Live at Blues Alley’ album. I couldn’t find it in the shops back then and I never bothered to try since. After all who’d even heard of her. Then, today, I opened up the paper and saw that her ‘Songbird’ album, effectively ‘The Best of’ is now at number one. Eva Cassidy died at thirty-three years old from cancer and there has been a five year wait for her to hit the top. I hope that this easy to hype success story never detracts from the pure ability that she gives in her music. Promoting her music should never be a question of publicity. Publicity?? Listen to this. [clip ‘Tall trees in Georgia’] Who needs publicity? We were all happy when it was only us that knew of Eva. But let’s not guard this jealously. I was recommended Eva Cassidy by two friends of mine, both studying music at University. They know what they’re talking about and they told me to listen. And once you’ve listened, then, you’re hooked. No review, no comments, no clever words. She just sings and you don’t forget it. Such simplicity and such a story can revitalise the chance for true musicians. Before you hear a little more, I would like to quote from Eva’s Cousin, Laura, from her website: ‘Even in the Washington DC area, Eva was not well-known to the public before the flurry of publicity connected with her illness and death. On many occasions I would go to hear her perform and see mostly-empty tables. I know this is hard for you to believe! The lesson here is to GET OUT THERE AND HEAR LIVE MUSIC! Not just the big international acts, go to the folk coffeehouses and the dingy little bars and clubs, and see what talent is out there undiscovered. Tell them that Eva Cassidy sent you! As Jeff recently wrote in the guestbook, ‘The fact that you won’t hear another Eva Cassidy shouldn’t deter you – there has never been another Eva Cassidy – but there will be someone else.’ So listen to this and I hope that inspired by Eva (and her great band) we can all strike a blow for a little bit of quality in our lives. Buy her albums – and get out and find a great musician in your town. Meanwhile, to sum it all up my favourite song from Blues Alley. (clip ‘What a wonderful world’)


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